Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Opportunity In America’s Truck Driver Shortage

America has always been known to be a very hungry consumer populace, nourished by a market of goods taking every imaginable shape or form. However, much attention has been drawn toward the fact that the access to delivery and freight services is wanting. While it is one thing to have goods secured and delivered to customers, it is quite another to have them transported in a shorter amount of time.

What is to be blamed? There a number of things.

Low pay is often attributed to a business formula that involves rank and file employment at best, if not contractual. This easily makes driving trucks a routine scheme, with the fear of the lack of security looming about.

Image source: wsj.com

It also appears that younger people are not attracted enough to the profession. This is likely because they question the longevity of working for a trucking company, and even before embarking on what could be an otherwise stable career, they wonder if it’s going to be good for the long haul.

With what seems to be a challenging job, not even having a promise of secure future, this does not become commensurate especially if it takes truck drivers away from their families. As trucking can be lonely on the road, this might not be enough if the exchange is they are taken away from their loved ones.

Image source: truckernews.com

The opportunity lies in trucking companies, which offer the chance to help truckers become business owners later on. This attracts young people who can look forward to earning more with a business, and this makes temporary detachment from family easier to deal with.

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